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Residual current circuit-breaker VDC-100EV Type EV specifically developed for use in charge points and wall-boxes for charging electric vehicles (EV). It is used where an upstream residual current operated protective device isn't known or where an AC, A or F type RCD is in use. The VDC-100EV Type EV provides the required protection from dangerous residual current sat every single charging point. For example it also protects an upstream residual current operated protective device from the risk of not tripping for DC residual currents created by the charging equipment.


Industry, medical, EV charger, elevator, etc.

Conform to
IEC/EN61008-1, IEC/EN62955; certified by CCC,SEMKO,CE
IEC/EN61008-1: Residual circuit breakers without overcurrent protection for household and similar purposes
IEC/EN62955: Applies to residual direct current detecting devices (RDC-DD)of model 3 EV charging

IEC/EN61008-1, IEC/EN62955.

Detection residual current type
A+smoothing DC
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