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    VL42-63 RCCBVL42-63 RCCBVL42-63 RCCB
Product Details
Product Details


VL42-63 series RCCB (without over-current protection) applies to AC 50Hz, rated voltage 240V 2 poles, 415V 4 poles, rated current up to 63A. When electric shock occurs to human or leakage current in grid exceeds stipulated values, RCCB cuts off the fault power in a very short time to protect the safety of human and electrical equipments. It can also function as non frequently switching of circuits.


Industry and commercial buildings, high-rise buildings and residential houses, etc.

Model No. VL42-63 2P VL42-63 4P
Pole No. 2 Pole / 1P+N 4 Pole / 3P+N
Standard Conformity IEC/EN 61008-1 IEC/EN 61008-1
Rated Current (In) A 16/20/25/32/40/50/63 16/20/25/32/40/50/63
Sensitivity (I△n) mA 30, 100, 300 30, 100, 300
Rated Voltage (Un) Vac 240 415
Type A/AC A/AC
Short-circuit Withstand Capacity kA 6 6
Residual Making Breaking Capacity A 10 In 10 In
Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui) V 500 500
Rated residual non-operated current I △ no
A 0.5I△n
Rated Frequency Hz 50 50
Rated Shock Withstand Voltage V 4000 4000
Torque Nm 3.0 3.0
Ambient Temperature oC -25 to +40 -25 to +40
Electrical Endurance/Mechanical operations 2000/3000 2000/3000
Mounting Din Rail (35 * 7.5) mm Din Rail (35 * 7.5) mm
Degree of Protection IP 20 IP 20
Terminal Capacity (max) mm2 25 25
Installation category II II

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