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Under voltage Release and Shunt Release
Under voltage Release and Shunt Release
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Under voltage Release and Shunt Release

Remote tripping

MX or MN voltage releases are used to trip the circuit breaker.

MN undervoltage release

This release trips the circuit breaker when the control voltage drops below a tripping threshold:
tripping threshold between 0.35 and 0.7 times the rated voltage
circuit breaker closing is possible if the voltage exceeds 0.85 times the ratedvoltage.
For a lower value, circuit breaker closing cannot be guaranteed.
Circuit breaker tripping by an MN release meets the requirements of standard IEC 60947-2.

Time-delay unit for an MN release

Eliminates nuisance tripping due to transient voltage dips lasting 200 ms. It is used in conjunction with:
a 250 V DC MN release, control voltage 220/240 V AC
a 48 V DC MN release, control voltage 48 V AC.

MX shunt release

Trips the circuit breaker when the control voltage rises above 0.7 x Un.
Control signals can be of the impulse type (u 20 ms) or maintained.


When the circuit breaker has been tripped by an MN or MX release, it must be reset locally.
MN or MX tripping takes priority over manual closing.
In the presence of a standing trip order, closing of the contacts, even temporary, is not possible.

Mechanical characteristics

endurance is equal to 50 % of the mechanical endurance of the circuit breaker
the releases clip in behind the front cover
connection using wires up to 1.5 mm2, to integrated terminal blocks.

Electrical characteristics

pick-up (MX): < 10 VA
seal-in (MN and MNR): < 5 VA.
response time: < 50 ms.

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