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GM3(ABB-S, HSM1,HM3)Series moulded case circuit breaker, It’s applicable circuit of AC 50Hz(or 60Hz),rated insulation voltage 660V, rated operating voltage under AC 660V, 250V(DC), rated operating current 10A-800A,for distribute energy of electricity and infrequent making and breaking circuit. In normal conditions , the MCCB rated current under 400A they are provided with the function of the protection against overload and short circuit and undervoltage. The MCCB complies with standard of IEC947-2, GB14048.2, GB14048.4 and so on.

Type and meanings


˘Ù Greegoo electric Co., Ltd
˘Ú Mooled case circuit breaker
˘Û Design code
˘Ü Rated current of frame
˘Ŭ Breaking capacity grade of rated limiting short-circuir
˘Ŝ Operating method
˘ß Pole number
˘à Methods of release and accessory code
˘á Application code
●   No code for distribution breakers; "2" represents motor protection circuitbreakers.
●   No code for direct handle operation; "P" represents electrical operation,and "Z" represents- rotary-    operated- handles.
●   Rated breaking capacity grade of MCCB: E-Economical type S-Stan-dard type M-High breaking   capacity type H- Highest breaking capacity type.

Classification of MCCB:

Installation type of MCCB: MCCB are suiable for vertical or harizontal installation.
●   According to use of MCCB: distribution circuit protection type, motor protection type
●   According to connection way : front panel connection, back panel connection plug-in connection;
●   According to operation way: for direct handle operation for external rotary handle operating, formotor     operating;
●   According to overload release type: magnetic release (only instantaneous) the modynamic
     magnetictype (dual), electronical release;
●   According to number of poles: two poles, there poles, four poles.
●   The neutral poles (N poles) of four poles MCCB has for types:
●   Type A: no overload release on N pole, which is making at the time ; not closing and opening withthe
     other three poles.
●   Type B: no overload release on N pole, which closing and opening with the other three poles
●   Type C: with overload release on N pole, which closing and opening with the other three poles.
●   Type D: with overload release on N pole, which making all time; not closing and opening with theother three poles.
●   Type E: with a neutral pole interruption protector on N pole that closing or opening with other three  

Main technical Specifications

Type Rated
Pole No. Rated
opreating voltage (V)
Ultimate short circuit breaking capacity(KA) Short circuit breaking capacity(KA) Operation
DC250 AC380V
Load Unload L W(3P/4P) H
GM3-125E 12.5,16,20,




ĦÛ30 15 - - 7.5 3000 7000 120 76/101 70
GM3-125S 25 - 20 16
GM3-160S 16,20,32,
35 8 20 18 4000 6000 120 90/120 70
GM3-160H 50 10 40 25
GM3-250S 100,125,
35 10 40 18 2000 6000 170 105/140 103.5
GM3-250M 50 16 40 30
GM3-250H 200,225,250
65 18 40 48 1000 4000 254 140/184 103.5
GM3-400S 35 16 40 18
GM3-400M 50 20 40 20
GM3-400H 65 25 40 48
GM3-630S 400,500,630 50 20 40 30 1000 4000 268 210/280 103.5
GM3-630M 65 25 40 48
GM3-630H 80 30 40 60
GM3-800S 500,630
50 20 40 30 1000 4000 268 210/280 103.5
GM3-800M 65 25 40 48
GM3-800H 80 30 40 60

Motion characteristic

The thermodynamic release of a circuit breaker provides the feature of inverse time-delay, while the magnetic release is the instantaneous operation as shown on table 2(distribution circuit breaker) and table 3 (motor protection circuit breakers).


Rated current of release(A)

Thermodynamic Release
(ambient templand +40 ℃ marine +45℃)

Operational current of
magnetic release(A)
1.05In(cold state)
inoperative time(h)
1.30In(heat state)
operative time(h)
In≤ 63 ≥1 < 1 10-50In+20%
63< 250> ≥2 < 2 10In+20%
250< 800> ≥2 < 2


Rated current of release(A)

Thermodynamic Release
(ambient templand +40℃ marine +45℃)

Operational current of
magnetic release(A)
1.0In(cold state)
inoperative time(h)
1.20In(heat state)
operative time(h)
1.50In(heat state)
operative time(h)
7.2In(cold state)
operative time(h)
12.5≤In≤ 400 2 2 ≤ 4min 2s< 10s> 12In+20%

Rotation handle operated mechanism:

The rotation handle operated mechanism used in AM3 series MCCB ,meet the requirements(drawer chambers, distributor panel and power supply boxes )of set swithgear It can ensures the safety of equipment when the MCCB aare close .i.e it with panel door with handle in ON position ,may turn the Red release button in Rotation handle pedestal side



Shown in above fig. Hinge of panel door to handle centre R and breaker cover to cabinet panel H isminimum distances.


Motor operators

Motor operator are used to make or break the MCCB automatically in thedistance

Working environment:

1. Altitude ≤2000m.
2. Ambient temperature:+40℃(+45℃ for ships )~-5℃.
3. Resistance to moisture.
4. Resistance to salt spry and oil spary
5. Resistance to mould.
6. Resistance to nuclear radiation.
7. Maximum salant:+22.5o.
8. Reliable work under earthquake condition(4g).
9. Ambient environment freeing from exqlosive danger and air or dust which may cause corrosion of metal or weakness of insulation.
10.Ambient environment freeing from erosio of rain or snow.


Outline and installation dimensions:

Front panel connection ĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦBack panel connection
Plug-in connection front panel connection ĦĦĦĦĦĦĦĦPlug-in connection front panel connection
Plug-in connection back panel connection ĦĦ

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